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They love TikTok. Now they’ll love learning.

With TeachTap Kids you can balance your child’s screen time. Set controls that allow them to “earn” time on other apps by spending time in TeachTap (but trust us, they’re gonna want to spend more time on TeachTap). Don’t take our word for it – watch these students experience TeachTap for the first time.

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The “TikTok for Education”

TeachTap is TikTok’s smarter brother. But just as cool. We brought AI to the party, so they can laugh at memes but also learn something.

What if studying was… awesome?

With our AI technology, studying is as easy and fun as social media.

Learn from the people who were there.

Imagine teachers actually lived what they were teaching. They can learn about the Civil War from Abraham Lincoln, or about the Civil Rights Movement from Martin Luther King.

Got a question for someone who isn’t around anymore? The dead now have DMs.

Who better to ask about the Theory of Relativity than, you know, the guy who invented it?

If they’re gonna learn like a legend, they may as well be taught by one.

Wouldn’t you like to study with Taylor Swift?


how it works

1 Download the app to your device from the app store
2 Follow subjects you’re interested in learning (like AP US History or 8th Grade Science).
3 Choose from a selection of celebrities and characters that will be integrated into your learning experience.
4 Scroll through an endless feed of AI-generated practice problems (maybe Taylor Swift or Beyonce will ask you a math question).
5 When you get questions right, you are served increasingly difficult material.
6 When you answer a question incorrectly, the app explains the correct answer and why you got it wrong.
7 Share content with your friends, and comment on content shared with you.

You can trust us. We’re smart.